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BEGINNINGS:  An outreach of KOC, Ken-Lyn Consultants began as a manifestation of the love of their leadership, Drs. Kenneth and Lynda Brown.  They are the descendants of sharecroppers – the graduated employment of the American Slave. They come from two generates of dentists, and four generations of educators. The son of Herbert and Henrietta Brown of Aquasco, MD, and the daughter of Drs. Walter and Joan Duncan.  Their sacrifices allow them to serve honorably, with commitment and sincerity.

This couple brings all of who they are and shares it through their efforts to serve each client from the youngest to the oldest. They are collectively experts in counseling and consultants to churches, businesses, educational institutions, teachers and students. Drs. Brown consider it their honor to speak with you about serving your family, kindred and associates.

K-12 Tutoring

All children and even adults do not all learn alike. Ken-Lyn would love to assist students to achieve their academic dreams. Allow us the honor to assisting you and/or your students today.

First Fratt

First Fratt was created to better the lives of young men entering adulthood. This organization will promote healthy lifestyles along with essential tutoring.Our goal is to encourage these young men to become comfortable with eachother enough to strive together, both in and outside of the classroom. Our services are opened to clients around the country via zoom, as well as at our office in San Antonio, Texas. Please contact Ken-Lyn Consultants for more info!

Ken-Lyn Tutors: ACT/SAT-Monthly Syllabus of Training​

READING Latin Prefix/Suffix: 20 words ACT/SAT: 25 words Reading comprehension: 20 Tips MATH Math Principles: 10-20 ACT/SAT: 25 words Latin Prefix/Suffix: 20 words WRITING Writing Principles: 10-20 principles ACT/SAT: 25 words Latin Prefix/Suffix: 20 words Primary Tutoring Curriculum: Students should come prepared with a writing samples, and the latest significant work from all four core classes, transcripts, report cards and the latest standardized scores/PSAT/ACT/SAT scores if available. Additionally, the following guides will be used

Meet Our Team

Kenneth Brown

Lead Consultant

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Lynda Brown

Lead Consultant/Life Coach

Tiana Hill

Life Coach

Kiara Mays



Ken-Lyn is proud to serve the metro San Antonio Community, greater Texas and the nation. Ken-Lyn provides the following services:

Support Our Cause

Your financial support to Ken-Lyn allows us to be able to tutor, provide college admissions and counseling services to those who otherwise would not be able to receive such assistance. Your help also supports the college internship program provided for many of our inner-city young adults who are studying counseling, business, education, and faith-based services.

USANA VITAMINS: Help us to help this community. One person, one family at a time. At Ken-Lyn we promote HEALTHY FAMILIES and it starts with what we are processing. Providing the very best vitamins and supplements on the planet is also a fundraiser for our youth and academic-related causes. Consider getting healthy and helping us to serve the community simultaneously. Click here for more!


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College Tours


$5.1 million Scholarship Money To-date:


C Sfdxmram

Rated 4 out of 5
January 12, 2022

Let me just say your site is amazing! It is well put together and easy to navigate which is a plus. With such a nice layout you must attract a lot of visitors. I just wanted to give you a heads up because your site inspired me to build my own. I hope everything is going great and much success in your future. Thank and have the best of day! zbVmAywkz5N4jq65

Diane Macnaghten

Couples counseling intense weekend sessions

Rated 5 out of 5
January 9, 2022

Appreciated the pre sessions and personality testing to get to know my husband and I as individuals . A lot of coaching in bringing some awareness to how we move in the world and ultimately the marriage.

Alisha C.

Marriage Counceling

Rated 5 out of 5
November 14, 2021

We are blessed to have Dr. Brown in this journey towards healing. He is really opening up our eyes and our hearts to what God wants for our marriage. Dr. Brown is incredibly intuitive and has a way of bringing things into the light in a way that feels safe and necessary. This process isn’t easy or comfortable but moving out of a storm never is. We look forward to the light that we’re sailing into. God’s at the wheel, great to have you on the sails to help guide us Dr. Brown.



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November 1, 2021

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